Watch the racially charged rant this MSNBC host went on against this border state governor.

Do you think she crossed the line?

"In related news, L.A. commuters took to Twitter to complain about President Obama causing traffic jams during his fundraising trips. Let’s see what they’ll say on Twitter when the IRS audits them in April."-Jodi Miller.


In case you were wondering where the liberal media stood on the Israel/Hamas conflict.


It seems like the deeper the IRS scandal goes…the more the liberal media ignores it!


Liberals are so desperate to smear Michele Bachmann…that they’ll believe any negative story about her!


The classic response from liberals when things don’t go their way…


This is inexcusable from the media!

They can’t explain away their ridiculous coverage of this.

This is just SHAMELESS censorship from the liberal media!

What lengths won’t they go to in order to cover up for Obama?

The Bible is about to be redone in a way never seen before!

Check out this man’s bold, controversial plan.

Shining proof of the liberal bias of The View right here!

They must be delusional to think this about the Clintons.