This must be stopped.

Wow. This is pretty low even by her bottom of the barrel standards.

Is there even one group she hasn’t ridiculed or mocked?

Uhh…NOT sure if “i’m sorry” really cuts it after you just walked through Walmart naked!

The next time the climate change cult makes a CRAZY prediction…just think of this list.

What a DISGUSTING comparison!! IF this isn’t crossing the line…then what is?

"Constipated by Their Own Ideology"

LOL!! Awesome interview. Watch the clip.

So SHAMELESS! The liberal media THINKS if they keep asking it’ll come TRUE!!

The liberal media WON’T talk about the IRS SCANDAL…but they WILL attack this company!!

Check it out.

Wow. It’s the kind of VIOLENCE you would EXPECT to see in a WAR ZONE!

Check it out.

Most Hollywood stars weren’t born when this movie came out…but it’s still DOMINATING the ratings!!

Check it out.